Quotable Dack


"Somebody said, 'Are you sorry about anything?' And I said, 'No.  What is, is.' Actually, I'm grateful for all those experiences.  I wouldn't trade them.  I had a pretty varied background, and you pay the price for that, I guess."
-The Washington Post, November 25, 1991
Concept of Self at Age 25:

"I am really very much the Lone Wolf.  I'm very selfish and extremely, extremely ambitious and determined.  And, unfortunately, I don't compromise well."
-1967 interview
About His Twin Brother Dirk:

"Even if you're married to somebody, you still don't know that person as fully as twins know each other.  We understood each other so completely it was difficult for us to sit and have a conversation.  I knew his thoughts, and he knew mine.  And we never needed to speak.  When we did, it was always on a superficial level--things between us were understood."
-People Weekly, 5/30/83
He and Dirk, Being 'Discovered' By Loretta Young:

"We went right from the cotton field to the soundstage."
-The Washington Post, November 25, 1991
Losing His Twin Brother, Dirk:

"... We were so close.  I mean, we were literally like one person, you know... and nobody could really invade our world. You have to remember that when you're born, first of all, you're in the womb for the first nine months, and then you come into the world, you've already established a bond.   And so you've sort of walked side by side, day after day, week after week, year after year, and established such a bond that when he died, it was like somebody had just split me in half."
-"Heart To Heart With Dack Rambo", 1993 (video)
His Style:

"Growing up on a farm, I've never felt natural in a suit."
-Redbook, January 1986
Looking Back On His Career As An Actor:

"I think I wanted it for all the wrong reasons.  I wanted it to be rich and famous.  When you go at it from that point of view, it's never going to be really satisfying. ... And I didn't think I was particularly good.  I thought I was pretty lucky."
-The Washington Post, November 25, 1991
Filming Love Scenes:

"I never minded it. Yeah, I always loved it.  And it's not the most comfortable thing to do because you're sitting there or laying there on the floor or whatever, and there are 900 people around you trying to get in there with their cameras, or whatever they want to get in there with.  It's one of the most awkward things ... but it never really bothered me too much.  And it also depended on who I was working with."
-Heart To Heart With Dack Rambo, 1993 (video)
The Rough Years:

"I was running around the country and the world - as I realized later - self-destructing... partying and carrying on. You just do anything to bury yourself, to the point where you don't have to think about anything. And finally there comes a day when something saves you."
-Redbook, January 1986
Early Retirement and AIDS Activism:

"I knew that I would not be an actor the rest of my life.  I've always felt a need to do something to help people."
-The Washington Post, November 25, 1991
Conduct of Life:

"I would advise people not to do what I did.  But I don't apologize for any of it.  I had a great time."
-People Weekly, 5/11/92

"I believe that our ultimate reason for being here is our spiritual growth, to reach the ultimate good and find peace of mind.  To find such peace and experience it and live it is quite an acheivement.  Now, that's what I'm after."
 -People Weekly, 5/30/83
Feelings on Death:

"I believe very much in God and I don't believe, not really, in death.  To me, death is a bridge to another life.  I cannot believe that in the span of eternity these few years on earth are all we have.  I am not scared of death, either.  Sometimes, I think I might even welcome death.  It would be another adventure.  I think in the span of eternity we have many lifetimes until we reach a point of perfection."
-Soap Opera Digest Exclusive, September 14, 1982

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